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Cunningham Library welcomes ACER students to take advantage of the excellent resources and services offered by ACER's library. We can assist with finding information, services such as article requests or book requests and guidance with referencing.

Finding information

Remote access to library resources

Students need to log in to see the full complement of library search tools and to access full-text literature. Students working within the ACER Moodle can log in via the Log in to OpenAthens button in the library section of the ACER Moodle or via the Log in to OpenAthens button below.

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What is the OpenAthens login?

The ACER Cunningham Library allocates each ACER student with a personal library login to remotely access their library resources. This remote access is provided via a service called OpenAthens. The OpenAthens login provides students with access to library search tools for literature searching and full-text literature. Once logged in, students will need to click on the Resources tab to see the list of library resource links. Online unit readings, with links to readings, are also included under the Resources tab via the OpenAthens login service.

Note: The OpenAthens login consists of a username in the format acersurnamefirstinitial (e.g. acersmithj) or, alternatively, the username can be the email address nominated with student enrolment. The OpenAthens password is initially allocated by the library. Students unfamiliar with their password can reset via Forgot your password? and a new password will be emailed to your nominated email account.

Cunningham Library's public resources

Library Search

Cunningham Library offers a range of public search tools via the library's home page. However, students will access more search tools and full-text literature by using the resources available after login.


Request an article

Many articles in print in the library, as well as some other documents, can be copied and sent to students on request. Students can request articles via the online request form above. Documents will be sent via email whenever possible. However some copyright restrictions may limit provision to a print copy and these copies will be sent by post.

Request a book

Books in the Cunningham Library collection are available for students to borrow for an initial period of two weeks. Students will receive an email reminder to either return their loans by the due date or to renew the loans online. Loan items without a reservation can be renewed for a further two-week period. Students can request loans via the online request form above. Loans will be delivered via Express Post. The student enrolment fee covers the cost of delivery but the return cost will be at the expense of the student.

Reserve a book

To place a reservation, students can email a reservation request to Cunningham Library. Reservations can be placed on books that are on loan. Books on loan will display a due date and this information is found via the More info link in the library catalogue record.

Seek advice

  • Jenny Trevitt, Librarian, for advice on finding research and referencing – email or phone +61 3 9277 5550
  • Cunningham Library for inquiries on loans, document requests, reservations and OpenAthens login – email or phone +61 3 9277 5553


The ACER Institute advises that ACER students use the APA Style (7th edition) for referencing their assignments.

The ACER brief guide to APA Style 7 provides some examples of the most common formats that you are likely to need when referencing your assignments.

Information and tutorials relating to the use of the APA Style are also available from the APA (American Psychological Association) website: