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Associate Professor Elspeth McKay

Associate Professor Elspeth McKay

RMIT, Australia

Digital literacy skill development: Prescriptive learning analytics assessment model

There is a broad awareness of how information communications technology (ICT) digital literacy impacts everyday life. In schools, use of ICT tools has become mandatory. These tools include computers, tablets and mobile phones. These smart devices are used to send emails, browse the internet and make video calls. It is essential for teachers to identify student digital literacy levels through classroom activities and when to implement flexible ePedagogies for students who need help.

This presentation will provide easy-to-follow steps to manage learning analytics to determine digital literacy skill levels. Learning analytics can be used for a range of purposes, such as: compiling assessment reports for individual learners to know how they rate compared with other learners; to highlight students who may need extra support; to help teachers plan supporting interventions for individuals and groups of learners; to support professional development teams when considering new courseware design and development; and to support institutional/corporate marketing and recruitment management strategies. However, some people undertaking learning analytics may find it a daunting task. This presentation will show why this perception is wrong by explaining a prescriptive learning analytics planning model. This session will give participants an understanding of the skills they need to carry out their own learning analytics through careful preparation of their testing instruments and an understanding of the importance of validating their measurement tools.

About Associate Professor Elspeth McKay

Associate Professor Elspeth McKay, PhD, Fellow ACS, is located in the School of Business IT and Logistics at RMIT University, Australia. Her PhD is in Computer Science and Information Systems, from Deakin University, Geelong, Australia. Elspeth also holds further qualifications in Instructional Design, Computer Education and Business Information Systems. She is passionate about designing effective eLearning resources for the education sector and industry training/reskilling programmes. Elspeth’s research interests involve investigations of how individuals interpret text and graphics within web-mediated learning environments. Her Australian Research Council’s research project investigated government eTraining strategies. Her work involves developing specialist eLearning information communications technology (ICT) tools. Over the last decade, Elspeth has published extensively in the research fields of human-computer interaction (HCI), educational technology and learning analytics, with more than 150 peer-reviewed research papers, several educational technology books and has been awarded numerous awards for funded projects.

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