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SUNDAY 4 August (Level 1, Melbourne Convention Centre)

MASTERCLASS: Assessment in General Capabilities, Dr Claire Scoular and Jonathan Heard, ACER

8.00 – 8.30am Registration

8.30 – 10.00am Masterclass Part 1: A framework for assessing and teaching General Capabilities

10.00 – 10.30am Morning tea

10.30 – 12.00pm Masterclass Part 2: Applying the framework in your own classroom

RESEARCH CONFERENCE 2019: Preparing students for life in the 21st century: Identifying, developing and assessing what matters

12.00 – 1.00pm Registration

1.00 – 1.15pm Welcome to Country

1.15 – 1.30pm Conference Opening: Dr Esther Care, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution

1.30 – 1.45pm Graduation Ceremony: Graduate Certificate of Education, Assessment of Student Learning

1.45 – 2.45pm Keynote 1: David Leng, Professional Adviser, Scottish Government Learning Directorate
Educational Reform – Scottish Style!

2.45 – 3.15pm Afternoon tea

3.15 – 4.15pm Panel Session: 21st century skills: Curriculum and learning
Dr Esther Care (Brookings Institution), David Leng (Scottish Government), Professor Barry McGaw (The University of Melbourne), Dr Claire Scoular (ACER), Emma Ross (Canterbury Primary School)
Moderated by Catherine McClellan, Director of Assessment and Psychometric Research, ACER

4.15 – 5.15pm Presentation Session 1

Session 1A

Session 1B

Session 1C

Session 1D

Robert Randall, Consultant
21st century skills: Realising the potential of the Australian Curriculum

Associate Professor Elspeth McKay, RMIT
Digital literacy skill development: Prescriptive learning analytics assessment model

Associate Professor Wesley Imms, The University of Melbourne
The impact of physical learning spaces on student development of 21st century learning skills

Conversation with a keynote
David Leng

Scottish Government Learning Directorate (limited number 35)

5.15 – 7.15pm Networking Function – Entertainment by Savore Quartet Latin Jazz

End Day 1


Monday 5 August (Level 1, Melbourne Convention Centre)

8.30 – 9.00am Arrival tea/coffee

9.00 –10.00am Keynote 2: Dr Michele Bruniges AM, Secretary, Australian Government Department of Education and Training
The science behind the art of teaching: Evaluation as inspiration

10.00 – 10.30am Morning tea

10.30 – 11.30am Presentation Session 2

Session 2A

Session 2B

Session 2C

Session 2D

Loren Clarke and Melissa Hughes, Eltham High School
Teaching and assessing the general capabilities in a secondary school context

Juliette Mendelovits and Dave Tout, ACER
Not just for the kids: Adult skills in the 21st century  

Professor Dragan Gasevic, Monash University
Using learning analytics to measure 21st century skills

Conversation with a keynote
Dr Michele Bruniges AM, Secretary, Australian Government Department of Education and Training
(Limited numbers 35)

11.30 – 12.30pm Presentation Session 3

Session 3A

Session 3B

Session 3C

Session 3D

Dr Sue Thomson, ACER
Assessing and understanding social and emotional skills: The OECD Study on Social and Emotional Skills

Chris Shaw, NSW Department of Education
WII – MA – LI (light the fire): The impact of the Connected Communities strategy on Hillvue Public School

Neville Chiavaroli, ACER
Assessment in the interpersonal domain: Experiences from empathy assessment in medical education

Julian Fraillon, ACER
Digital literacy:  Myths and realities

12.30 – 1.15pm Lunch

12.45 – 1.00pm  Bring your lunch to Rm 107 and learn about professional certification for principals - assessing leadership for the 21st century

1.15 – 2.15pm Presentation Session 4

Session 4A

Session 4B

Session 4C

Session 4D

Quentin Maire and Esther Doecke, Victoria University
Key skills for the 21st century: An evidence-based review

Daniel Duckworth, ACER
Assessing computational thinking

Laura Crawford, Swinburne University, Ben Wynne, St Anthony's Wanneroo and Andrew Mannion, ACER
Can designing video games help students prepare for life in the 21st century? Experiences from the Australian STEM Video Game Challenge.

Dr Dan Cloney and Kellie Picker, ACER
What can early childhood education and care settings teach us about skills for the 21st century?

2.15 – 2.30pm Break

2.30 – 3.30pm Karmel Oration: Professor Neil Selwyn, Faculty of Education, Monash University
On with the 21st century! Preparing Australian education for the 2020s and beyond

3.30 – 4.15pm Conversation Professor Geoff Masters AO, CEO, ACER and Professor Neil Selwyn, Faculty of Education, Monash University

4.15 – 4.30pm Conference Close Professor Geoff Masters AO, CEO, ACER

Download proceedings and program