Data collected from the questionnaire is analysed by ACER once all the data has been returned.  ACER provides a comprehensive report to the school within 10 working days.

The report covers:

1. Biographical information: Summary data of the group who undertook the survey.

2. Percentage responses: to all items in the questionnaire excluding the 'check' items*, in each dimension. The statements for each dimension are presented in order from the hardest to agree with at the top of the page to the easiest to agree with at the bottom of the page. This shows at a glance how many students agreed with statements pertaining to the dimensions of the Attitudes and Values Questionnaire.

Percentage responses to each item in each dimension are also shown according to year levels surveyed: combined, separately and by gender.

3. Comparative data between all schools and your school. This section provides histograms and statistical information for the school compared to all schools. Schools using the program leave their de-identified data in a pool managed by ACER which can then be used as a reference point for each school taking the survey. The information is presented in terms of all school data, according to year levels and on a gender basis. The comparative data reflects these categories.

It is important to note that the levels reported for each dimension cannot be compared. For example, you cannot compare the level reported for Conscience with the level reported for Compassion.

*The Attitudes and Values Questionnaire contains some statements (for each dimension) that are not included in the reports. These 'check' statements show whether respondents are answering the questionnaire thoughtfully.

AVQ sample report - Program A

AVQ sample report - Program B

AVQ sample report - Program C