Publications and data

Australian PISA reports and data files are publicly available here.

Data files are valuable to those who would like to undertake their own analyses and exploration of PISA data. They include student achievement data and the student and school questionnaire data in SPSS and SAS format.

Prior to undertaking any analyses, it is highly recommended data users become familiar with the methodology and technical manuals. Please take the time to review the Technical reports and the PISA data analysis manual.

PISA 2018

National PISA reports 2018

A second national report and 'in brief' volume, on student and school characteristics, will be released in 2020.

PISA 2015

National PISA reports 2015

National PISA data 2015

  • PISA 2015 Australia school questionnaire data - SPSS - SAS
  • PISA 2015 Australia student and achievement data - SPSS - SAS
  • PISA 2015 A first look at Australia's results data tables - Excel
  • PISA 2015 Reporting Australia's results data tables - Excel