The MajorsPTI™ Certification is a two-step course which provides an in-depth understanding of each of the 16 personality types described by Carl Jung and Isabel Myers. Developed in the 1990s by Dr Mark Majors, the Majors Personality Type Inventory – MajorsPTI™ – Step I is a 52-item questionnaire that identifies the personality types and can be completed within 10 minutes. The Majors PT-Elements™ Step II is a more in-depth measure which reports on specific areas of development and potential blockages. The MajorsPTI™ is an excellent instrument for coaching and team development purposes.

Course outline:

• Personality Type Theory and the Majors instruments

• Psychological type theory and type dynamics.

• Personality type development and the inferior function.

• Carl Jung’s model of the psyche and personality types.

• An introduction to Temperament theory and its links to type.

• Administering and scoring the MajorsPTI™.

• Interpreting the results and giving feedback to individuals and groups.

• Ethical use of MajorsPTI™ and Majors PT-Elements™.

• Research and development of MajorsPTI™ and Majors PT-Elements™.

• A brief introduction to other type-related instruments, including the Function-Skills Development Assessment (FSDA), an instrument that assesses the level of development of the Jungian functions, and the Psychological Type and Stress Indicator.

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