What schools say

Adelaide High School has used the ART test in combination with a range of other diagnostic tests and an interview to determine the suitability of Year 7 students for the Special Language Program commencing at Year 8. The school has found the test helpful as it requires students to demonstrate thinking skills that translate well into language learning and also across a range of other areas in the curriculum. The processing and reporting of test results by ACER is timely and the data is immediately useful. It adds another strand to the data we collect about our students’ learning over Years 8 - 10 and this assists the school, parents and the students in preparing for future pathways.

Philip Wilson
Assistant Principal , Languages & International Programs
Adelaide High School

At Aquinas College, we have a K to 12 Whole School approach to the provision for Gifted and Talented boys. We use the ACER ART as a blanket screen in the first instance for identification. This data is then used in concert with a suite of other instruments to profile our boys for inclusion in the St Thomas Aquinas Program for Gifted and Talented Students.

Helen McAllister
Head of St Thomas Aquinas Program
Aquinas College (WA)