Administration system

How does it work?

The OWA is easy to administer.  Clients are set up with an administrator account where they have complete control in managing the assessment of their candidates. 

Assess writing in 5 easy steps

  1. Clients sign up to the OWA and log into their online account (user guide provided).
  2. Clients select the appropriate writing prompt(s).
  3. Candidate logins are created and can be distributed at any time.
  4. Candidates sit the OWA assessment (test supervision is recommended).
  5. Candidate reports are avaliable for download immediately upon completion of the assessment.

Candidate journey

  • Candidates log in to the OWA assessment using their unique username and password.
  • Candidates complete the assessment. Prompts and stimuli are displayed on screen and writing is completed in a writing response pane.
  • No specialist or prior knowledge is requried to complete the tasks. Candidates are required to complete two writing tasks for different purposes.
  • Scripts are then sent to be automatically marked using the latest Intellimetric® essay scoring technology.
  • Candidates log out of the assessment platform.

The OWA user guide provides helpful information for:

  • setting up accounts
  • generating and allocating usernames and passwords
  • setting up test sessions
  • conducting the assessment
  • downloading candidate reports
  • general troubleshooting

ACER also provides helpdesk support during regular business hours (9am - 5pm AEST).

Optional data analysis and interpretation services are also available for clients (additional fees apply).

Assessment features

  • Assessments can be timed.  The recommended time for vocational learners/students is 20 minutes to complete both tasks.  For higher education students and employees, the recommended time to complete both writing tasks is 70 minutes.  This comprises of 5 minutes reading time and 30 minutes writing time for each task. 
  • Test supervisor manuals are provided.
  • Automatic spell and grammar checks are disabled in the text response pane (as candidates are assessed on Spelling, Sentences and Grammar).