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ACER can provide advice to educators, clinicians, practitioners, students and parents on the selection and effective use of ACER assessments and resources.

An ACER consultant will help you find the right assessments, resources and training requirements for your needs. Our excellence in research and exclusive distribution rights to resources enable our consultants to select the best available tools for your needs. We can assist you to benchmark your current high achievers, and identify critical performance indicators, personalities and abilities required for success. Candidates for new roles, promotions or leadership tracks can then be assessed against these factors as part of your selection programs and more. ACER offers training in the use of our resources, along with in-depth support, formative feedback on assessment results and ongoing consulting services. This integrated approach allows us to help psychologists and human resource professionals assess, manage and develop resources across their business unit or organisation for:

  • leadership development
  • improving selection outcomes
  • professional learning and development
  • employee engagement
  • career planning
  • team building and talent management.
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Eirini Lammi Eirini Lammi

Consultant Psychologist
GCBus (current); GCOrgPsych; MEdPsych
Phone: +61 2 8338 6804

Eirini has more than 15 years’ experience in the educational sector as Primary School Teacher and Psychologist, both in Australia and the United Kingdom. Eirini established a private practice in the inner west of Sydney where she developed expertise in the field of cognitive and behavioural assessments. She also facilitated training programs for teachers and parents in the area of resilience and strength based interventions. More recently, Eirini has developed expertise in the designing and implementation training seminars and practical workshops for psychologists on the use, administration, scoring and interpretation of psychological tests and related resources. Eirini is a Registered Psychologist and an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

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Eirini Lammi

Eirini Lammi

Consultant Psychologist
+61 2 8338 6804

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