AEA structure and content

AEA offers an admission pathway to Engineering and Computer Science faculties for students without the prescribed prerequisites, mature age students, international students and students wishing to provide further information about their aptitude to study Engineering and Computer Science.

AEA is not a test of subject-specific knowledge; rather it is a secure two and a half hour multiple-choice test that assesses a candidate’s aptitude in three areas:

  • quantitative reasoning
  • critical and scientific reasoning
  • interpersonal reasoning.

Equity and fairness

AEA is developed to rigorous professional and technical standards. Test questions are designed and developed by a team of ACER writers who are experts in their subject areas. The content, style and duration of the test are determined to ensure the testing program is relevant, valid and reliable.

AEA test data are subjected to statistical analysis to check that each test question has performed as required. There is an ongoing attempt to minimise gender, ethnic or cultural bias.

As part of the ongoing development of AEA, the test may contain a small number of trial questions which will not be scored.


All AEA test taker's are asked to sign a statement acknowledging that relevant authorities may use their test results for research purposes. Test taker's are assured that any use of their registration and test records will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Test taker names will be separated from data in all cases. Information about ACER’s collection of, access to and use of personal information can be found at Disclaimers.

* Please refer to the institution for information on whether they will accept AEA test results for admission.