Gather evidence of learning
Identify next steps
Track progress and monitor learning growth

PASME Progressive Achievement assessments are a set of research-based online assessment tools created by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), one of the world’s leading educational research and assessment bodies. The assessments are designed to support schools using the Indian syllabus to monitor student progress and inform their teaching and learning.

Indian curriculum assessments for Grades 3–10


A trusted approach, used around the world

PASME assessments are built upon ACER’s world-famous Progressive Achievement approach that supports teachers to improve their students’ learning and understand progress. The approach focuses on the effective use of assessment data and is underpinned by a growth mindset.

How progressive achievement works
5 million+ progressive achievement tests taken in 2019
70+ countries learning through progressive achievement

Instant reports provide valuable information exactly when you need it

PASME reports provide unique insights to teachers and school leaders, informed by the research-based Progressive Achievement approach.

  • Reports are available as soon as assessments are completed
  • Interactive reports to easily identify trends and explore your data
  • Detailed descriptions show typical student ability at various stages of learning
  • Compare student results across grade levels
  • Gather rich insights into your students’ knowledge and abilities
  • Effectively monitor students’ learning growth over time

How the ACER Progressive Achievement approach works

  1. 1

    Gather evidence of learning

    Use Progressive Achievement assessments to gather evidence, then benchmark results against research-based progress maps to understand where students are at in their learning.

  2. 2

    Identify the next steps in students’ learning

    Use insights from assessment data to inform teaching and learning, through setting personal stretch targets for further learning, the development of teachers’ capabilities and the use of resources.

  3. 3

    Track progress and monitor learning growth

    Administer subsequent Progressive Achievement assessments over the next nine to twelve months.

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