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Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith

Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith

Australian Catholic University

Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment: Realising collaborative professionalism in action

The benchmarking of education systems has been accompanied by an increasing policy interest in the evidence base for initial teacher education and the related claims about graduate quality. In some countries, this has also fuelled the move to install standards that seek to specify competence on entry to teaching and at stages of career progression. In Australia, referents for these efforts include the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, Graduate Level (Australian Institute for Teachers and School Leaders, 2011), and National Program Standards (AITSL, 2015). It was in the context of policy-driven reform in Australian initial teacher education (ITE) that a consortium of 13 ITE providers from states and territories came together to trial the Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA). Underpinning the work from the start was the recognition of the need for collective action and collaborative professionalism in authentic cultural change. In this session I will present some insights into the lived experience of the GTPA, identifying both conceptual and practical aspects and some lessons learned.

About Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith

Professor Claire Wyatt-Smith is the Director of the Learning Sciences Institute Australia at Australian Catholic University and Professor of Educational Assessment and Evaluation. She has taught in secondary schools and universities, and held various administrative roles that include Executive Dean of Education and Arts, and Dean Academic (Arts, Education and Law). Claire is an adviser for curriculum and assessment agencies in Australia and several other countries, and holds visiting research and teaching professor roles.  She is the series editor for Springer’s new teacher education series, Teacher Education, Learning Innovation and Accountability.

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