Developed by ACER, with the support of John XXIII College in Perth, the Attitudes and Values Questionnaire (AVQ) is a tool to gather meaningful data on secondary school students’ social, moral and spiritual development.

The AVQ provides an opportunity for schools to formally measure, and report to the school community, how well they are upholding their mission statements. The AVQ assesses the school’s capacity to develop moral, ethical, socially responsible students who can accept responsibility for their decisions and their place in the world.

Designed for Secondary students as a 100+ question anonymous questionnaire, the AVQ can be undertaken within 30 minutes either online or in paper & pencil scannable format. Schools may choose to test selected groups or the whole school. Results are returned to schools in the form of a comprehensive report within 10 working days.

The questionnaire addresses the following social dimensions:

  • Conscience
  • Compassion
  • Emotional growth
  • Social growth
  • Service to others

Optional religious dimensions include: