The Core Skills Profile for Adults is a set of secure online assessments matched to the latest Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). It provides an efficient, valid and reliable method for assessing the stages of development of adult learners, from young school leavers to adults who are studying, working or returning to training and study.

The CSPA was developed by ACER staff with high level expertise in the design of online post-school assessments in language, literacy and numeracy. All items were trialled with adult learners and proven to be psychometrically valid and reliable.

Assessing across the five performance levels of the ACSF in reading, numeracy and writing, the CSPA offers four components:

In order to accurately assess individual capabilities, CSPA Reading and Numeracy assessments use an integrated adaptive screening component of 10 items.  The screener assessment targets items at ACSF Levels 2-4 and works to gauge a candidate's current ability (Core Skill level). Based on their responses, individual candidates are automatically directed to the most appropriate level to complete the remaining 15 questions (either at the low, intermediate or advanced level).

Entry and exit

The CSPA can be used as both an effective placement and exit assessment to:

  • ensure that individuals are supported from their initial placement and show improvements in their Core Skills over time
  • readily and easily track the progress of individuals at any stage with pre and post assessment
  • provide evidence of teacher intervention effectiveness with post assessments.

VET Student Loans

The CSPA is an approved assessment tool for VET Student Loans LLN entry requirements.