High-quality, diagnostic data for RTOs and TAFEs to measure candidate literacy and numeracy skills through secure online assessments

Snapshot Reading Numeracy Indicator (SRNI)

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Simplify and streamline your assessment intake workflows with CSPA's purpose built candidate management system.

Valid and reliable assessments developed by domain experts

The CSPA was developed by ACER staff with high level expertise in the design of online post-school assessments in language, literacy and numeracy. All items were trialled with adult candidates and proven to be psychometrically valid and reliable.

The CSPA was developed based on the ACSF with key assessment constructs being identified in conjunction with clients to ensure the relevance of assessment content and an appropriate spread of item difficulty.

CSPA assessments  

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ACER’s online platform allows you to spend less time on administration and planning tests and more time making the most of the insights from effective assessment.

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Quality assessment design

Key test constructs for the CSPA were identified in conjunction with our TAFE and VET clients to allow them to accurately assess the core skills of learners across the five levels of the ACSF.

Learner engagement across all skill levels

Successful trials, with over 1400 TAFE and VET candidates across Australia, show the CSPA is accessible for learners at all ACSF levels.

Practice assessment

The CSPA assessment is an initial assessment of skill level, therefore preparation is not required. If you wish to complete a short practice assessment, please register via an email address. A review page is provided at the end of the test outlining which questions have been marked incorrectly (you will not be able to re-submit your responses once the assessment is complete).

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