Current clients and testimonials

The CSPA is currently used by:

  • large TAFE institutes
  • private and enterprise RTOs
  • ACPET members
  • VET and dual pathway university providers
  • job network providers
  • community education centres
  • VET in schools providers
  • industry associations
  • employers (mining, building and construction, security, the emergency services sector, sporting associations) 

What do some current users have to say about the CSPA?

According to feedback from Western Australia’s Industrial Training Institute:

'The test is extremely effective because it’s objective, it engages apprentices and trainees, and the results are very visual and easy for them to understand. It gives them an immediate sense of where they are in relation to the norm and it’s non-threatening.'

Few people know that the AFL Players' Association uses the test.

'The AFL Players' Association has always had literacy and numeracy teaching staff, as well as wellbeing managers who help players develop post-competition career paths. The assessment is used to inform the work of both. Other professional sporting bodies also use it for similar purposes.'

Box Hill Institute, the very first educational institution to use the assessment tool cites its implementation as one of their best experiences in fostering organisation-wide change.  Having worked through the whole cycle, 'They’ve implemented it, analysed their data, allocated resources and staff, provided support in terms of professional learning and they’ve seen improved student outcomes.'

'We have found that ACER’s test is easy to administer, user friendly and that it provides instant, detailed and informative feedback for test takers.  The writing test has been added to our suite of tests and we have used it for a varied clientele. It has proved to be particularly useful in pin-pointing or confirming particular writing issues.  ACER staff has been very helpful and responsive as back up support in ironing out any technical difficulties.'