Reporting SPT scores

Main reports

Alphabetical Report

All V, Q and A results are reported as:

  • Raw scores in each ability
  • Scale scores for each ability
  • Reference sample percentiles for each ability
  • Group percentiles for each ability
  • Summary of raw and standard deviation scores for each ability

Score distributions for each ability are included to display the range of scores achieved by the same cohort of students at a school in the same year.

Response Report

The V, Q and A resuts are reported in separate reports as:

  • Raw scores
  • Scale scores
  • Individual responses
  • Descriptors for each question item
  • Percentages of correct answers

Optional reports

Writing report

Three criteria are used to assess each writing task:

  • Language – the complexity of the grammar used; whether sentences are free from errors in syntax and punctuation; the selection of words and imagery to convey meaning; the voice and flair in the writing;
  • Spelling – the use of a mature, challenging, precise and assured vocabulary that is essentially error-free and appropriate to the writing style; and
  • Content – the degree of the complexity of the narrative or description; goes beyond stereotypes; provision of thought-provoking attitudes, values and insights; an original plot and characters.

Individual report (hard copy)

Individual report (soft copy)