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All languages are available in certificates 1, 2 & 3

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(Certificates 1 & 2)
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Individual Listening or Reading tests include:

  •  Single test
  •  Immediate results
  •  Instant reporting
  •  Group report
  •  Individual report
  •  Comparison data (rank distribution)
  •  Free practice material

The Listening and Reading test package includes:

  •  Both tests
  •  Immediate results
  •  Instant reporting
  •  Group report
  •  Individual report
  •  Comparison data (rank distribution)
  •  Free practice material
  •  Printed certificate
All prices include GST. Pricing is per level, per language, per student

Using ALC in the classroom

Planning teaching at the optimal level needs an easy to use assessment tool. Use the ALC to celebrate achievement and identify areas for improvement in students. Regular use enables tracking of students’ language proficiency across their school years.

Optimise language teaching Select language assessment level 1-2-3 Completeon-demand assessment in40 mins Plan targeted teaching Review student ability with instant online reporting Recogniseachievement .

Test development

90 years of assessment development experience

ACER is a recognised international leader in the development of high quality assessment and reporting tools.

Our robust assessment development process

Our test development process involves extensive trialling of questions with a range of ability levels, and we continue to update the assessments with new material. We pride ourselves on using native language speakers for listening tasks.

Developing the ALC to improve language learning

Benefit from the latest enhancements to the ALC program. This includes flexibility in pricing and options, new question items, instant reporting and high quality certificates to recognise success.