The GPS was conducted in the second half of 2008, results have been collected and a report was released by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations in May 2009.

Full report

The 2008 Graduate Pathways Survey: Graduates' education and employment outcomes five years after completion of a bachelor degree at an Australian university by Hamish Coates and Daniel Edwards

The GPS was designed, developed and deployed by ACER in 2008. This involved resource development, large-scale deployment, and production of project and institution-specific reports.

The GPS instrument, the Graduate Pathways Questionnaire (GPQ), can be linked with key other instruments and collections to provide key data on graduates’ transitions, employment and further study across their early careers. The GPQ is designed for paper and online administration.

A robust survey process has been designed to help ensure the authority and validity of the results. Our approach brings together data from universities, the ABS Census and the DEEWR (DEST) Higher Education Student Collection. This data has been used to ensure the representativeness of the survey data.