The three-year LLEAP project ran from 2011 to 2013 and investigated the impact of philanthropy in education, with the aim of building knowledge and improving outcomes for schools and philanthropic supporters.

Philanthropy in Australian education has a long history. The LLEAP project investigates the impact of philanthropy in education. It aims to build knowledge and improve outcomes for schools and philanthropic supporters. What makes philanthropic support successful? How do we ensure it is relevant and effective? And who benefits? Collectively, there is still much more to understand about its impact, and the potential to benefit from shared knowledge, experience and insight.The LLEAP project is being conducted by the Tender Bridge team at ACER in partnership with The Ian Potter Foundation, the Origin Foundation and the Scanlon Foundation.

Cover of LLEAP Dialog Series 3FROM YEAR 3 - A practical LLEAP resource

This Guide seeks to stimulate a new level of reflective engagement in thinking about what it is that schools should be providing to students. It includes an Evidence and Approaches Stimulus Tool (EAST), 13 case studies of philanthropy in education practice and a range of practical tips and strategies. The Guide invites us to rethink what we notice, how we notice and whose noticing counts when leading innovation and improvement. Foreword by Professor Bill Lucas, Director, Centre for Real World Learning, University of Winchester, England.
LLEAP Dialogue Series 3: Growing Ideas Through Evidence

Cover of LLEAP Growing Ideas Through Evidence

Evidence and Approaches Stimulus Tool (EAST)  

A big part of evaluating is ‘noticing’. In this Guide, we have taken the key improvement outcome areas from the LLEAP 2013 Survey (such as student engagement) and developed an ‘Evidence and Approaches Stimulus Tool’ (EAST). This table shows examples of evidence and how approaches can provide information of both kinds (such as number of attendees at focus group/comments made at focus group).
LLEAP - Evidence and Approaches Stimulus tool (EAST)



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