2013 survey results

Encouraging a culture of philanthropy is one thing, but how to do this and do this well is another thing. This task also becomes harder if you don’t know what schools say they need to improve outcomes for students or what prevents them from accessing and maximising this additional support. 

Among the 2013 LLEAP survey findings:

•   The good news is that philanthropy and schools are in agreement about what's preventing engagement. The bad news is that these barriers are yet to be overcome.

•   Outcome areas of focus varied significantly depending on the socio-educational advantage of the school.

•   9 out of 10 schools report they are new or inexperienced when it comes to engaging with philanthropy, but not so the not-for-profits

•   Close to $400,000,000 was distributed last financial year by 37 philanthropics. Of this about 6% went to education.

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