What is the Social-Emotional Wellbeing Survey?

Students' academic competence is frequently measured. However, many schools want to gauge if students are making progress on less tangible qualities such as social and emotional growth. The ACER Social-Emotional Wellbeing (SEW) Survey offers schools the opportunity to survey their students and generate a report on a wide variety of social, emotional and behavioural outcomes of their student population.

It is a confidential strength-based survey for students aged three to 18 years. The SEW Survey provides schools with information about their student population (whole school, specific year levels or targeted groups), which can be used to direct planning and problem-solving efforts.

During 2015, analysis was conducted on SEW data collected since 2003 to review and improve the survey for primary and secondary students. A new edition of the Primary and Secondary surveys was released in 2018. This empirical investigation ensures that the SEW is providing schools with valid and reliable results regarding the social and emotional outcomes of students.

Why choose the Social-Emotional Wellbeing Survey?

The SEW survey has been designed to provide schools with information on their student population so that schools can use the data to direct planning and problem-solving efforts.

Results from the survey are used by schools to:

  • assess the wellbeing of students on an annual basis
  • identify the social and emotional needs of student groups
  • target resourcing to specific areas of need
  • measure the effectiveness of programs with pre-and post-surveys
  • report on wellbeing to parents and the school community.

Who uses the Social-Emotional Wellbeing Survey?

Hundreds of schools around Australia have used the SEW survey to assess their students’ well-being since it was first developed in 2003. Over 66 000 surveys have been completed.

The survey may be administered to:

  • all students in your school
  • specific year levels
  • specific groups of students.

The survey may be administered annually or bi-annually to show development over time.

How is the survey administered?

The SEW survey is administered online via ACER’s Online Assessment and Reporting System (OARS). Schools wanting to conduct pre- and post-surveys to assess the effectiveness of programs or changes will be able to do so easily and efficiently in OARS. Schools are able to generate instant reporting after students have completed the survey.

How much does it cost?

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