How much does it cost to let TSA do the scoring and reporting?

There are two main costs involved namely the setup cost and report cost.

Setup cost:
• $130 per test x $1.30 per candidate
Report cost:
• Group report $26.50 per report (hardcopy) and $21 per report (electronic copy)
• Individual report $1.70 per candidate (hardcopy) and $1.30 per candidate (electronic

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What is a setup cost?

The setup cost is the cost of preparing, sorting and scanning of the answer sheets. It is charged per test and not per report or group.

Example: A school sends in 100 PatMaths and PatComp answer sheets. The setup cost will be ($130 x 2 tests)+($1.30 x 100 candidates x 2).

What is hand scoring/marking cost? How much is it per hour?

Hand scoring/marking cost is applicable to non-scannable answer sheets and booklets (ICDM, TORCH, PatComp, PatMaths and PatSpelling) that need to be marked and/or manually typed into the database for reporting.

It costs $88 an hour.

How do I get a quote for my school?

There is an online calculator located on the top right of the website where you can get an online quote and also print off the summary page as an order form to be sent in together with your answer sheets.

* The prices quoted are GST inclusive.