Please note:  New pricing for 2017

All prices are GST inclusive

Scoring set-up fee:

$130 plus $1.30 per candidate

Report fee:

Group report: Hard Copy $26.50 per report, Electronic Copy $21.00 per report

Rank diagnostic report: Electronic Copy $35.00 per report

Summary report: Hard Copy $12.00 per report, Electronic Copy $9.50 per report

Individual profile report:  Hard Copy $1.70 per candidate, Electronic Copy $1.30 per candidate

Individual profile report for parents: Hard Copy $6.00 per candidate, Electronic Copy $3.50 per candidate

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Setup charge


Batch charge

$130 per test

Student processing fee

$1.30 per candidate

Report charge


Electronic copy

Group report

$26.50 per report

$21.00 per report

Rank diagnostic report


$35 per report

Summary report

$12 per report

$9.50 per report

Individual profiles report

$1.70 per candidate

$1.30 per candidate

Individual profiles report for parent(s)
(Available only for APTS and MYAT)

$6.00 per candidate

$3.50 per candidate


  • This price chart is applicable for most tests; however it is advisable to refer to the desired choice of test to confirm the prices.
  • Non-scannable answer sheets or booklets will need to be marked and will incur an hourly hand scoring/marking fee of $88.00 per hour.
  • Hand scoring/marking fee applies to tests such as ICDM, TORCH, PAT-R Comp, PAT Maths and PAT-R Spelling (in addition to student processing fee).
  • Delivery charge is $20.00 if hardcopy results or return of answer sheets is requested.
  • A CD of results is available on request for $18.
  • Please note: if you wish to have results checked this will incur a fee, and can only be done if answer sheets are still stored (within 3 months of test date).