FAQs - Test administration

How do I know which test booklet to administer?

You can find the information in our Teacher's Manual. Alternatively, you can contact one of our educational sales consultants for assistance or go to our assessment area.

What are norms and how should I choose which one to use?

Norms are designated standards of average performance of the sample study of candidates across the national level. The national sample data was collected at the end of the year thus it is advisable to score your students against the previous year's norms if you are testing early in the year.

What are "scale score", "percentile rank" and "stanine"?

A scale score is the test raw score converted to the relevant test scale. A percentile rank indicates the rank order and position of a candidate's result in relation to a norm-reference sample. A stanine is derived from percentile ranks and is useful for grouping candidates. For more information, please refer to the downloadable information at the right side of the website.

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