UNIselect is an online test that assesses the literacy and/or numeracy skills of applicants to university pathway programs.


Students sit a 30 minute literacy test and/or a 30 minute numeracy test. There are 45 items in the literacy test and 35 items in the numeracy test.

For administration of the test each candidate will be required to use a computer. A manual is provided for invigilation or if a university chooses, candidates can be given an instruction manual to self-invigilate the test.

Usernames and passwords are provided to enable each candidate to access the test site.

Instruction manual for candidates


Universities will be able to download results once test sittings are completed.

Raw scores and percentile bands (Australian norms) can be provided. The reporting process can be customised to satisfy the needs of each client for an extra charge.


$15.00 plus GST per two-component (numeracy & literacy) login. $10.00 plus GST per one-component login. Please email uniselect@acer.org or call +61 3 9277 5433 for more information about pricing.