Outstanding session award winners

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An extraordinary problem of practice: How research transformed practice for pedagogical change

Improving reading, improving learning outcomes for all children

It is rocket science: Early childhood through the eyes of Indigenous pedagogical leaders

Collaboration to increase the involvement of educational support staff in language development

Wonders of the world: Our journey into LOTE

What middle leaders do: Steering a successful school improvement project in writing

Success for all in the hive: Engagement for all learners

How strong is your school as a professional community? The Professional Learning Community Framework and Questionnaire


Using innovative professional practice to design and measure learning progress

Co-teaching to improve student outcomes

And you won’t believe what happened next! How one school is changing a writing culture

Teacher’s first: An innovative approach to collaborative professional development

Building the engine room of your school: Development of middle-level leaders

Building capacity and initiative through the savvy use of BYOD (ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BRING THEIR OWN DEVICE TO THIS WORKSHOP)

Writing: Making students smarter and improving outcomes for all

STEMania: Integration of the Australian Curriculum for Mathematics and Science in Stage 4

Case studies

Evidenced-based internship: Is there more than anecdata to support its design?

Tracking and visualising student effort: A practical analytics tool for student engagement

Building shared understandings, capacity and self reflection through a whole-school coaching model

Action learning: Innovation and improvement through collaborative professional learning

Poster display

It is rocket science: Early childhood through the eyes of Indigenous pedagogical leaders