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Three issues per year: April, August, November

The Australian Journal of Education (AJE) was established in 1957 under the editorship of Professor Bill Connell. Drawing upon research conducted in Australia and internationally, the journal aims to inform educational researchers as well as educators, administrators and policymakers about issues of contemporary concern in education.

The Australian Journal of Education seeks to publish original research that contributes to knowledge about education and schooling, particularly but not exclusively in Australia and its neighbouring countries. Original research is interpreted broadly to include policy analyses, development of research methodologies and reviews of research that contribute new insights and understandings. The journal’s audience includes educators and researchers in schools, colleges and universities, professionals in community and government agencies, policymakers and those who would like to influence policy, as well as citizens with a passion for education.

The Australian Journal of Education welcomes the following article types:

  • Original research
  • Research reviews
  • Policy analyses
  • Comments and rejoinders
  • Book reviews

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