Creating effective learning environments for students

Timboon P-12 School: Timboon Agriculture Project (TAP)

Timboon P-12 School: Timboon Agriculture Project (TAP)Beginning in 2012, Timboon Agriculture Project (TAP) is a partnership between Timboon P-12 school
 and WestVic Dairy, Dairy Australia’s regional development program for western Victoria. TAP integrates agriculture into the curriculum at every school level. Read more about Timboon Agriculture Project

Big Picture Education Australia

Big Picture Education AustraliaBig Picture Education Australia (BPEA) combines academic learning with real-world learning. All BPEA schools are designed around 12 common and interrelated characteristics called ‘distinguishers’, such as educating ‘one student at a time’. The approach deliberately inverts traditional school education by 
placing the student, their passions and their interests at the centre of the learning process. Creating small schools within schools is a key design feature of the approach. Read more about Big Picture Education Australia

Fogarty EDvance

Fogarty EDvancePart of the Fogarty Foundation, Fogarty EDvance (FED) aims to improve the educational outcomes of children attending schools located in low socioeconomic communities. The focus of this case is FED’s School Improvement Program (SIP), designed to build school leadership capability and increase
 a school’s effectiveness. The SIP is designed for the school’s principal and leadership 
team. Read more about Fogarty EDvance

Social Ventures Australia – Bright Spots Schools Connection

Social Ventures Australia - Bright Spots Schools ConnectionThe SVA Bright Spots Schools Connection 
(The Connection) supports exceptional 
school leaders in disadvantaged schools to improve the outcomes of their students.
The Connection empowers school leaders
to advance their work and builds a network of exceptional educators. By supporting a coalition of Australia’s most talented school leaders, SVA seeks to ensure that their work 
is furthered and that the Australian education system is informed by these schools’ example. Read more about Bright Spots Schools Connection

Ardoch Youth Foundation – Stonnington Primary School

Ardoch Youth Foundation - Stonnington Primary SchoolArdoch Youth Foundation works with more than 50 schools and early childhood centres across Australia. They have a focus on volunteer-based programs and respond 
to school and student needs in each setting through their locally based Education Partnership Coordinator. Read more about Stonnington Primary School

Solving the Jigsaw

Solving the Jigsaw Solving the Jigsaw helps kids learn to manage the growing threats of bullying at school and violence at home and in the community. The program was developed in 1997 by the Centre for Non-Violence (formerly EASE), a domestic violence support service. It operates throughout Victoria and includes more than 80 schools, 27,000 children and 1,300 teachers, who have taken part in comprehensive training programs. Read more about Solving the Jigsaw.

Fogarty EDvance

Fogarty EDvance Fogarty EDvance is an intensive school leadership mentoring project for a select group of principals working in low socio-economic communities in Western Australia. Over a three year period, the program seeks to equip each principal’s leadership capacity to improve key needs for their schools. Support is offered through a combination of matched mentor support and frequent whole group professional learning, with a focus on building the school’s capacity to bring the resources of the community into the school. Read more about Fogarty EDvance.

Stonnington Primary School

Stonnington Primary School Stonnington Primary School has a student population with a diverse cultural and socio-economic mix. The school places high priority on student wellbeing to facilitate high learning outcomes. The Ardoch Youth Foundation developed programs in partnership with the school, including: the Literacy Buddies program for students in Grades 5 & 6 with corporate volunteers and family support work to encourage parental engagement at the school, as well as support parents with material aid. Read more about Stonnington Primary School.

Supporting Parents – Developing Children

Supporting Parents - Developing Children The focus for the Supporting Parents – Developing Children initiative is families from non English speaking backgrounds in nine primary school communities in the Victorian City of Hume. It was initiated with the Scanlon Foundation offering to commit $1 million dollars to improve social cohesion in the City and the Federal Government seized the opportunity to seek a whole of government approach to service delivery in the area. The project began by focusing on the literacy of mothers as a pathway to improving the educational outcomes for their children. Read more about Supporting Parents – Developing Children.


Play for Life

Play For Life Play for Life promotes and encourages placing a greater value on the importance and benefits of play for children. Play often surpasses any societal barriers such as age, ability, gender, race, religion and social standing, so therefore can be inclusive to all children. Overall then, play is critical to children’s physical, social and emotional development and is central to a healthy child’s life. Vital life skills acquired through childhood play are taken through adolescence into adulthood. Read more about Play For Life.

The Quality Education Fund

The Quality Education Fund was established by the Education Bureau, Government of Hong Kong with the aim of supporting non-profit making initiatives that promote quality education in the context of pre-primary, primary, secondary and special education. Innovation in capacity building in schools to enhance the quality of student learning is recognised as an important part of the Fund’s work. It aims to galvanise school initiatives in enhancing the quality of student learning by supporting innovation, generating knowledge and disseminating effective practices. Read more about The Quality Education Fund.