Forums and conferences

A series of national student engagement forums and conferences have been held to share best practice in measuring and improving student engagement. Jointly hosted by ACER and LH Martin Institute, the 2013 National Student Engagement Forums will be held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in late October. These forums will bring together tertiary professionals to discuss solutions you can adapt to create an engaged student experience at your institution.

Information on previous conferences and forums: 

  • 2012 National Student Engagement Conference
  • 2011 Measuring & Improving Student Engagement and Experience

Enhancement activities

ACER participates in a large range of enhancement activities. These include conference participation, running national forums, conducting institution-specific workshops, and working one-to-one with staff in research and leadership roles.

We are always looking for ways to support institution-specific or collaborative initiatives. If you have any ideas for activities to enhance student engagement in institutions throughout Australasia, or would like to find out more about how ACER can help, please email us at ausse@acer.org 

Enhancement guides

A series of enhancement guides have been created by ACER in conjunction with universities that are intended to assist staff and students with the enhancement of student engagement with learning. ACER have developed a series of guides for staff working in particular roles, and university students and their families, as well as other more general guides. You can download these guide from the list below. Please circulate these guides to others who may find them of interest. If you have any ideas for a guide that you'd like us to create, please get in touch with your ideas.

Enhancement guide for senior managers
Enhancement guide for quality assurance staff
Enhancement guide for planning managers
Enhancement guide for academic development staff
Enhancement guide for course/program coordinators
Enhancement guide for institutional researchers
Enhancement guide for marketing departments
Enhancement guide for librarians and libraries
Enhancement guide for academic skills staff
Enhancement guide for career guidance staff
Enhancement guide for undergraduate students
Enhancement guide for international students
Enhancement guide for parents and partners of students
Developing a graduate engagement statement
Benchmarking AUSSE data for continous improvement
Broadening staff involvement in student learning
Developing institution-wide approaches to student engagement
Engaging students in the AUSSE survey
Enhancing interactions between students and staff
Establishing student expectations
Learning more about student engagement
Monitoring quality data over time

Your enhancement activities

ACER is interested in hearing about how institutions have been using the AUSSE data to effectively enhance students' educational experience so that we can share best practice across Australasia. If you are involved in a project that is using the AUSSE data to enhance student engagement, we would very much like to hear about it, and welcome any information about these activities that you would like to share with us