AUSSE reports

ACER produces a series of reports based upon AUSSE data, including an Institution Report which is prepared for each participating university, Australasian Student Engagement Reports and other reports, and a series of Research Briefings. You can access and download these reports below.

2012 New Zealand Private Training Establishments Report
Student engagement at New Zealand Private Training Establishments (PTEs)

2011 New Zealand Universities Student Engagement Report
Student engagement in New Zealand's universities

2010 New Zealand Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics Report 
Student engagement at New Zealand Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics

2009 Australasian Student Engagement Report (ASER)
Doing more for learning: Enhancing engagement and outcomes

2008 Australasian Student Engagement Report (ASER)
Engaging Students for Success

2007 Australasian Student Engagement Report (ASER)
Attracting, Engaging and Retaining: New Converstions About Learning

Research Briefings

A series of Research Briefings using data from the AUSSE have been produced, and many more are currently in the works. If you have an idea for an AUSSE Research Briefing, please email us at Copies of the AUSSE Research Briefings are now available for download:

AUSSE Research Briefing Volume 1
Beyond happiness: Managing engagement to enhance satisfaction and grades

AUSSE Research Briefing Volume 2
International engagements: The characteristics of international students’ engagement with university

AUSSE Research Briefing Volume 3
Enhancing the engagement of distributed learners

AUSSE Research Briefing Volume 4
Engaging college communities: The impact of residential colleges in Australian higher education

AUSSE Research Briefing Volume 5
International students’ engagement with effective educational practices: A cross-national comparison

AUSSE Research Briefing Volume 6
Getting first-year students engaged

AUSSE Research Briefing Volume 7
An overview of psychometric properties of the AUSSE Student Engagement Questionnaire (SEQ)

AUSSE Research Briefing Volume 8
Working on a dream: Educational returns from off-campus paid work

AUSSE Research Briefing Volume 9
Monitoring risk and return: Critical insights into graduate coursework engagement and outcomes

AUSSE Research Briefing Volume 10
Dispelling myths: Indigenous students’ engagement with university

AUSSE Research Briefing Volume 11
Dropout DNA, and the genetics of effective support

AUSSE Research Briefing Volume 12
Uniting teachers and learners

Institution Reports

All institutions who participate in the AUSSE receive a comprehensive Institution Report, along with a data file containing their institution's AUSSE data, a few months after fieldwork has been completed. A password-protected website has been prepared for each Australian and New Zealand university. Each website contains an institution's AUSSE Institution Report and data files along with a range of other AUSSE reports and resources. To access these reports, data and resources, please click on the link below. You will be prompted to enter a username and password, which has been provided to senior members of your institution.

An example of the range of reports, data and resources produced and provided to institutions that participate in the AUSSE can be found by clicking on the Australasian University link.

Australasian University - contains sample reports and data for public review