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We've been working globally for over 90 years improving learning for people of all ages


We create knowledge to inform policy and practice

We think differently about assessment

We enhance professional practice

Established in 2005, ACER India is a wholly owned subsidiary of ACER

We support educational policy and practice through research, technical assistance, and the development of innovative tools and resources.

Our expertise

ACER India Board of Directors

Amit Kaushik

ACER is working towards realising its commitment to transforming learning systems with the support of strong and invaluable partnerships in the South Asian region. Together with our partners, we work towards the shared goal of improving educational outcomes in a region where millions of learners are still out of school and a significant proportion of students lack basic foundational literacy and numeracy skills.

We are investing in research, professional development of education stakeholders, and high-quality learning assessments. Our initiatives aim to support learners to learn successfully and better prepare them for the future. However, meaningful advancement is only possible with the support of our partners – national and subnational governments, international development agencies, schools, and non-profit organisations.

With over 90 years of experience, ACER is recognised globally for driving progress towards quality and equity in education. Across countries, we encourage research-informed policies and practice that eventually help learners gain the skills they need for work and life. As a reputed technical advisor in South Asia, we look forward to strengthening our collaborations with partners and to supporting their efforts to enhance learning.

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Transforming learning

ACER has embarked on an ambitious agenda to tackle 2 urgent global education challenges:

better preparing people
for future life, work and
ongoing learning

ensuring that every individual learns successfully and achieves high standards.

Leading reform

We are leading conversations about what successful learning is and how it can be optimised.

Shaping policy

We advocate for effective policy so that every learner progresses and can achieve high standards.

Enhancing practice

We are delivering evidence-based tools and approaches to help transform learning systems.

ACER locations

With 10 offices across Australia, India, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom, we support education projects around the world.

Careers at ACER

Joining ACER means working with one of the world’s leading educational research organisations and working collaboratively across national and international projects.

Careers at ACER India

From small beginnings to a world leader

ACER was established in Melbourne, Australia, in 1930 with a grant from the Carnegie Corporation. From a staff of 5, ACER has grown into one of the world’s leading educational research bodies with an expanding international presence.


ACER India

406/407, Southern Park 
Saket, New Delhi 110 017


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