Assessing reading comprehension for achieving excellence


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8 Oct to 9 Oct 2021
Ashthamurthy Killimangalam
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How well do your students understand what they read? Learn how to design high-quality assessments to evaluate the reading competencies of your students.

Assessment of reading comprehension is intrinsic to English language teaching. Effective assessment instruments meeting international standards can ensure substantial improvements in student learning. However, teachers need support in developing and administering high-quality tests to help students reach their full potential.  

This module will help teachers understand the different sub-skills of reading comprehension and how to assess them. Specifically, it will focus on the key aspects of reading assessment − constructing high-quality assessment tasks for each reading sub-skill, identifying the qualities of good texts, developing scoring guides to assess student responses, and self-assessment of the quality of tasks. 

Learning outcomes

The participants will be able to:

  • recognise the important ideas in a text
  • understand the sub-skills of reading comprehension and how to assess them
  • identify the qualities of a good text for assessment
  • understand how to assess objectively using scoring guides
  • review questions for quality assurance.



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Ashtamurthy Killimangalam, Research Fellow, ACER India


INR 1000 per participant (including GST)

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+91 (11) 4109 7433

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