Developing high-quality questions for assessments in science


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10 Dec to 11 Dec 2021
Dr Abha Bhagat
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Do you want to discover the art of writing high-quality assessment questions? We can help you understand the techniques that underpin the construction of various student assessments administered throughout the school year.

Developing question papers for different kinds of assessments and examinations − weekly, monthly, or annually − is an essential aspect of teachers’ work profiles. Studies suggest that writing good and effective questions is an acquired skill, in contrast to the popular belief that teachers will automatically develop the knack for creating good questions during the course of their teaching career. Research through the years has established the specific principles for development of robust questions which contribute to better data on student outcomes.

This workshop inDeveloping high-quality questions for assessments in science science is targeted at developing teachers’ expertise in the development of high-quality questions for different kinds of school-based assessments. It is designed for school leaders and teachers who wish to build a solid shared understanding of the principles of assessment item (question) development. It will support teachers in constructing high-quality questions of various types for specific assessments based on the subject they are teaching.

This workshop will provide a highly interactive experience for participants with support from an experienced facilitator. The course design encourages interaction and collaboration in conjunction with appropriate and effective pedagogies.

The outcome document of the workshop will act as a guide to designing and delivering everyday formative assessments.

Learning outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • understand and apply key principles of developing high-quality questions
  • understand different types of questions that can be included in question papers
  • develop an awareness of quality assurance in construction of questions.



Mode of delivery



Dr Abha Bhagat, Research Fellow, ACER India

Dr Garima Bansal, Research Fellow, ACER India


INR 1000 per subject (including GST)

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+91 (11) 4109 7433

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