Teaching and assessing higher order thinking skills in science


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19 Nov to 20 Nov 2021
Dr Garima Bansal
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How can you embed higher order thinking in teaching and assessments? What are some of the best practices from around the world? Join ACER’s professional learning workshop to discover proven approaches to developing higher order thinking skills in students and evidence-based assessment frameworks suitable for assessing them.

Higher order thinking skills are integral for success in the 21st century world, and are rapidly becoming an integral part of teaching and learning in schools. In India, the National Education Policy 2020 underlines the importance of developing higher order cognitive capacities among students.

When students engage in higher order thinking, they undertake cognitive tasks involving analysis, evaluation, and synthesis of ideas and information, rather than simply remembering and recalling during examinations.

In this interactive workshop, participants will identify higher order thinking skills relevant to the subject they teach. The workshop will help them to refine their understanding of higher order thinking skills and provide subject-specific pedagogical strategies to develop these skills among students.

Measuring students’ capabilities in higher order thinking however, demands a specific approach to assessment and well-designed assessment instruments. Participants will therefore be introduced to a research-based assessment framework appropriate for assessing higher order thinking skills of students. They will also be provided with opportunities to design subject-specific assessments for measuring student achievement in these areas.

Learning outcomes

The participants will be able to:

  • differentiate between higher and lower order  thinking skills and understand the value of each
  • identify higher order thinking skills applicable to science
  • recognise methods of assessment that can measure higher order thinking skills
  • critique and modify existing assessment items to measure higher order thinking skills in science.



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Dr Garima Bansal, Research Fellow, ACER India


INR 1000 per participant (including GST) per subject

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+91 (11) 4109 7433

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