What makes the SYLF different?

Key features of the SYLF

The SYLF supports schools and teachers to draw on local resources (including the community, local businesses and vocational education providers) in order to develop a curriculum with an applied learning orientation and a streamlined transition from school to work.

The SYLF offers several defining features including:

A national focus

Unlike most senior secondary certificates, the SYLF is avaliable to students throughout Australia.  The program is not restricted to any single Australian State or Territory. 

Broad application

The SYLF requires study to be integrated across three broad areas of learning:

  1. Academic
  2. Personal
  3. Vocational

This makes the SYLF considerably different from most other senior secondary qualifications.

Traditional 'Academic' learning (literacy, numeracy, ICT literacy and selected senior secondary subjects) is matched with enhancing students community participation through 'personal learning' and preparing students for the workplace with a strong emphasis on developing 'Vocational' skills.   

Flexible study options

The SYLF is distinguished from other senior secondary qualifications as it provides students with the flexibility to study at Standard or Advanced level.

The SYLF can also be completed by students in conjunction with other certificates (e.g. VCAL, VCE, WACE, UBDP) and does not limit students from gaining these qualifications (providing they also meet those course requirements). 

SYLF framework

The most distinctive feature of the SYLF is the Vocational-Academic-Personal framework on which it was built.

Within this framework, the program accommodates and supports a range of courses at the Standard and Advanced Levels, providing a genuinely unique option for students studying at the senior secondary level.

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