Benefits and features

Benefits for schools

  • Assist in establishing class groups
  • Assist in the identification of  students in need of extension work or remedial intervention
  • Help identify underachieving students
  • Facilitate the tracking of student performance over time

Distinguishing features

Age focussed

  • Provides more reliable outcomes than programs designed to accommodate wide age ranges

Different tasks within the one test

  • Test can contain tasks that require students to:
    • ‘Complete the pattern’
    • Identify the ‘Next in sequence’
    • Identify the ‘Middle of sequence'

Assesses innate reasoning ability

  • In a curriculum free environment as learned knowledge is not being tested
  • In a language free environment providing a measure of reasoning skills not hampered by the level of language ability

Monitor development

  • Tests are placed on a common scale allowing schools to monitor development over time

Live instrument

  • The program is more secure than published tests
  • This enables ACER to monitor item performance and update as necessary