1. Is there a difference between ART Online and the ART paper-and-pencil test?

ART Online comprises the same content as the printed version of ART.

2. How long does an ART test take to administer?

It takes about 10 minutes to provide instructions to the students and either 30 or 40 minutes to complete the actual test, depending on the test level selected.

3. What reports are provided using ART Online?

Reports include raw scores, scale scores and percentiles for each student tested. Results can be downloaded in Excel format.

4. How do I purchase ART Online tests?

Register your school to use OARS or, if your school is already registered, add ART to your licence through the purchasing system on OARS.

5. How do students complete tests online?

Administration instructions for the online test are available under the HELP tab in the OARS system.

  • Student details need to be loaded into the OARS system.
  • Usernames and passwords are generated.
  • Students are assign the appropriate ART test.
  • Student can then log in and complete the test.

6. How do I generate reports from online testing?

When the tests have been completed, reports can be generated immediately in the OARS system.

7.  What are the technical requirements for using ART Online?

  • Your web browser should be the only program running on the computer at the time of the test. Exit all other programs before students start the test.
  • Use the navigational tools provided within the iAchieve system (i.e. the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons), not the navigational tools in the web browser toolbar.
  • The speed of your internet connection will determine the number of students who can sit a test at any one time.

8. How do I purchase the paper-and-pencil tests?

To order paper-and-pencil tests please download and complete the ART Order Form and email to tsa@acer.org.

ACER will despatch tests forms, answer sheets and test instructions to the school. When testing is complete, the school returns all test materials to ACER as per test administration instructions. A report will be prepared and emailed to the school contact person within 10 working days.