Leading Learning in Education and Philanthropy (LLEAP) was a three-year research project from 2011 to 2013 that sought to build knowledge about the impact of philanthropy in education. The first national study of its kind, it evaluated the relationship from both philanthropic and education perspectives. and built pathways for sharing information.

Over the three years, the LLEAP project documented and shared best practice approaches to improving educational outcomes, producing practical  guides about how to grow great educational projects for maximum impact.

LLEAP aimed to:

  • Identify perceptions and current practices
  • Build understanding of effective engagement
  • Inform decision making and share successes
  • Explore opportunities for greater collaboration to build capacity in the education and philanthropic sectors.

LLEAP was underpinned by three key questions:

  • What are the current perceptions and practices of philanthropic engagement in education?
  • How is successful philanthropic engagement in school education defined and configured in practice?
  • Who benefits from philanthropic engagement, in what conditions and to what effect?

The work of LLEAP was guided by an Advisory Group of leaders from education and philanthropy, chaired by Professor Brian Caldwell (Managing Director and Principal Consultant, Educational Transformations and Professsorial Fellow, University of Melbourne).

LLEAP 2013 Advisory Group