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ACER courses are developed by experienced researchers and teachers for school teachers and practitioners

We understand that your team, workforce or faculty have unique requirements when it comes to training. We design self-paced, customised courses to meet the specific needs of our clients.

What we can do for you

ACER offers a range of training programs and courses to leadership teams and teachers on assessment related contexts, from trends in assessment to workshops on item writing and analysis of data.

ACER draws on it rich expertise across our offices internationally to offer workshops on a range of topics from pedagogy to School Improvement and use of data in schools.

ACER provides various workshops and courses for teachers as in-service training or certificate courses.

ACER's Masters level accredited course, Understanding Rasch Measurement Theory, builds skills in using and interpreting data from large scale assessments such as TIMSS, PIRLS and PISA, as well as performing analysis and reports on other assessment data sets.

Understanding Rasch Measurement Theory provides a theoretical background with a strong emphasis on building practical skills in objective measurement, statistical analysis and evaluation. You'll learn about objectivity in measurement, how to evaluate the consistency of data, and how to measure group trends and individual growth – the nuts and bolts that underpin educational assessment.

Understanding Rasch Measurement Theory courses start in January and July and can be completed in just 10 weeks of online part-time study. Successful completion of the course will result in an ACER statement of attainment and certificate.

We draw on our expertise as a leader in educational research, assessment, data collection and analysis, and psychometrics to develop and provide customised courses anywhere in the world.

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