Students' academic competence is frequently measured. However, many schools want to gauge whether students make progress on less tangible qualities such as social and emotional growth. In collaboration with Professor Michael E. Bernard, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne, ACER offers schools the opportunity to survey their students and receive a report on a wide variety of social, emotional and, behavioural outcomes of their student population.

The Social-Emotional Wellbeing (SEW) Survey is an anonymous strength-based survey for students aged 3-18 years, which provides an ecological view of students’ wellbeing by assessing:

Indicators of students' social-emotional wellbeing

  • Positive and negative emotions and behaviours

Students' social-emotional competencies:

  • Resilience, attitudes and coping skills
  • Social skills and values
  • Work management and engagement skills

‘Environmental’ influences: (measured in the secondary survey only)

  • Perceptions of home life, school life, and their community

Some examples of questions in the survey are:

  • I have a parent who makes time for me and listens.
  • I have at least one teacher who spends time talking with me about things other than my schoolwork.
  • Outside of my school and family, I have an adult whom I can go to if I have a problem.
  • I like being at school.
  • I lose my temper a lot.