The survey

The SEW Survey is an anonymous group survey: student identification details are not included in the survey reports. Survey reports provide schools with data on the wellbeing of groups of students. Student responses are grouped by year level and gender, for example Year 2 boys, Year 2 girls, Year 3 boys, Year 3 girls and so forth.

To maintain anonymity and to provide reliable data, there is a minimum requirement of at least 10 students in each year level and gender group.

Survey forms

The survey forms available for students from Prep to Year 12 are: 

Survey  form

Completed by

No of statements


Early years



For Prep and Year 1 students









Students respond anonymously to a series of statements by indicating their level of agreement on a four point likert scale by choosing one of the four alternatives: strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree.

The Secondary survey form includes an additional set of questions that asks students to make judgments about aspects of their school, home and community that influence their emotional wellbeing, relationships with others, and school achievement (e.g. 'I have a teacher who cares about me'). The secondary form has been used successfully with students in Years 5-6.

The optional Teacher Perception survey  provides data based on the teacher's knowledge of a student's emotional, social and behavioural characteristics. It measures teachers' perceptions of their students' social-emotional wellbeing as well as their social-emotional competencies. This survey can be used to assess both primary and secondary students. Teachers fill out a survey (60 statements) for each student.