Advice to Teachers

Advice to teachers of Chinese

Chinese Pathways

For Australian Curriculum Chinese, pathways are provided for three learner groups: Second Language Learners, Background Language Learners and First Language Learners.

ACER provides ALC tests in Chinese for background speakers and for learners of Chinese as an additional language. In order to assist teachers in selecting the appropriate test in Chinese, the following ACARA definitions are provided:

Second Language Learner

The Second Language Learner Pathway caters for students learning Chinese as a second or additional language.

Background Language Learner

The Background Language Learner Pathway has been developed for students who have exposure to Chinese language and culture, and who may engage in active but predominantly receptive use of Chinese at home.


Advice to teachers of Indonesian

The following terminology will be used to refer to Indonesian schools:
Primary School = SD (Sekolah Dasar)
Junior High School = SLTP (Sekolah Lanjutan Tingkat Pertama)
Senior High School = SMU (Sekolah Menengah Umum)

Advice to teachers of Japanese

Guidelines for the use of kanji and katakana in Japanese Set C and Set D, Certificate 2 and Certificate 3 tests.


Set B

  • Furigana/hiragana will be used above katakana for Set B items.

Set C (in both Certificates 2 and 3)

  • Furigana/hiragana will be used above katakana for Set C items.

Set D

  • Katakana knowledge assumed.


Set C

The following characters may be used by the writers in the Listening and Reading tests:

Japanese characters

Set D

In addition to the characters listed above, the following characters may also be used by the writers in the Listening and Reading tests:

Set D Japanese characters

This means that the Certificate 3 test will start with a greater level of furigana support (as represented by Set C items), progressing to less furigana support (in Set D) as students move through the test.