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Assess your students' writing with instant results


Instantly measure your students’ writing abilities with automatic scoring.

Identify your students’ strengths and areas where they need support.

Track your students’ writing achievement over time and set learning goals.

Powered by advanced analysis techniques, informed by research and supported by trials

Teachers can choose from 4 different writing genres, and assign specific tasks to individual students and to groups of students. eWrite can be used to assess a whole year level, a class or a selected group of students.

eWrite is easy to use for students and teachers

Administered in your ACER online account, used for assessments like PAT


Complete the test in one session of 20-25 minutes


Instructions guide students and teachers through each step


Receive instant diagnostic feedback

eWrite is delivered and completed online with reliable automatic scoring

eWrite’s automated essay scoring system has been rigorously evaluated to ensure it provides accurate, immediate and consistent feedback. Calibrated by experts for results you can trust.

Scored against


each defined by a skill focus



eWrite tasks completed
by Australian students

Informative reports to support students' progress over time

Instantly produce reports that pinpoint students’ writing strengths and areas for improvement

eWrite provides information that helps you structure learning to individual students’ needs, rather than year-level benchmarks.

Individual report

  • View an individual student’s scale score, achievement band and scores against each criterion.
  • Gather detailed score information for insights into each student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • View an individual student’s written response as it was submitted.
Sample report

Group report

  • Gives a comprehensive overview of the results for each assessment task.
  • View your students’ scale scores, achievement bands and scores against each criterion.
  • Sort your results in a range of ways to identify patterns and group students.
Sample report

Developed by experts

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assessments per year

Reliable, efficient delivery through a tried and tested online platform


candidates per week

Delivering online assessment excellence since 2011


countries worldwide

Trusted by thousands of schools and systems around the world

Pricing and purchasing

Individual student cost


per test

Must be pre-purchased.

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