What is the GEM Centre?

The Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Centre drives improvements in learning by supporting the monitoring of education worldwide. The GEM Centre is a partnership between ACER and the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

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Centre for Global Education Monitoring
Education 2030

Education 2030

We make a significant contribution to practices, processes and methods to enable education stakeholders to monitor progress towards SDG4.


Quality assessment systems

We support education stakeholders to design and implement quality assessment, monitoring and research.

Reviews and analyses

Reviews and analyses

We analyse and synthesise existing research to help education stakeholders understand, and make recommendations for, effective policies, practices and investments.

Assessment GEMS

The Assessment GEMS series highlights important research topics of the GEM Centre, and provides insights into the GEM Centre's principles and approaches.

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A new Policy Monitoring Tool to build resilient education systems

A new Policy Monitoring Tool to build resilient education systems

To support education policymakers to build resilient education systems, the GEM Centre describes how the new education in emergencies (EiE) Policy Monitoring Tool can be applied in a country context. 

Groundbreaking new tools advance measurement of SDG 4

Ground-breaking new tools advance measurement of SDG 4

New tools developed to analyse the long-term impacts of COVID-19 on learning in sub-Saharan Africa are helping governments to measure learning progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 4: education for all.

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