Education 2030

ACER-GEM seeks to support the setting of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals for Education, and monitoring progress against those goals over the coming years. ACER-GEM is particularly well placed to contribute an academically rigorous and research-based perspective that is so essential to an enterprise of this kind.

There are three specific components within this part of the GEM Centre work program:

  1. Working closely with key players in the debate about the post-2015 education development goals, and providing technical support to that work.
  2. Developing a set of learning metrics to support literacy and numeracy goals. Developing tools and undertaking studies that will enable countries to make their own choices about their monitoring activities, yet still report against agreed metrics.
  3. Developing a framework for context data that suggests a consistent cross-national approach to non-cognitive indicators such as socioeconomic status, opportunity to learn, resourcing and decision making.