Testing dates

Schools may choose ONE of the following dates for the 2023–24 testing cycle. 

Test administration Test format Orders close Test dates Results delivered
October 2023 Online 8 September Monday 25 September – Friday 13 October Late November
February 2024 Online 15 December Monday 5 February – Friday 23 February Mid April
May 2024 Online 12 April Monday 29 April – Friday 17 May Late June

Trial testing

Schools can also choose to take part in a trial test, between 22 January and 2 February 2024. This is a good opportunity for schools to get an indication of the kind of material used in the ISA, or to have a ‘practice run’ before sitting the official test.

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Pricing for 2023–24 testing cycle.

Test package Grade levels Cost
(AUD per student)
All tests: Mathematical Literacy, Reading, Scientific Literacy, Writing Narrative, Writing Exposition (5 tests) 3 to 10 $75
Mathematic Literacy (1 test) 3 to 10 $17
Reading (1 test) 3 to 10 $17
Scientific Literacy (1 test) 3 to 10 $17
Writing Narrative, Writing Exposition (2 tests) 3 to 10 $34

Additional resources

  •  Free school access to the ISA Teaching Resources Centre is included with the purchase of all test packages.
  •  The Interactive Diagnostic Report is included as standard with any test package.
  •  The Interactive Tracking Report can be ordered at an additional cost of AU$900.

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ISA Introduction pack

Contains all ISA guides and documents, including our list of participating schools.


Webinar: Introduction to the ISA

The ISA Team regularly hosts online webinars for schools who would like to learn more about the ISA.