A resource for Australian higher education, with a foundation of policy relevant, evidence-based research.


Joining the Dots is a series of evidence-based Research Briefings written to make it easier to keep informed about complex, significant issues in Australian higher education.

The JTD Research Briefings provide analyses and insights on higher education that are:
• Evidence-based and data-driven
• Grounded in a deep understanding of higher education and expertise in data analysis
• Looking through Australian eyes at national and international issues
• Timely, examining emerging issues and recently released national and international data
• Objective, independent, going beyond the commentary
• Synthesised and integrated from a range of sources, and
• Time and resource saving – highlighting key facts, figures and issues.

Joining the Dots links myriad discrete pieces of information in reports specially tailored for Australian higher education.

Joining the Dots is for people who need to keep abreast of rapidly unfolding issues including:
• Higher education institution leaders and managers

• Policymakers and government staff

• Peak bodies and stakeholder groups

• Individuals with a keen interest in Australian higher education.

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Please email jtd@acer.edu.au for further details and information.