The Joining the Dots Research Briefings examine and respond to key events and trigger points in Australian higher education.

JTD Research Briefings illuminate matters central to the strategic and operational contexts of Australian higher education. In 10 to 15 pages they provide focused analysis of core issues from a broad perspective.

This series is unique – each paper draws together cross-institutional national and international datasets, synthesises evidence, and provides clear, concise and objective analysis of facts and figures.

Led by ACER and edited by Dr Daniel Edwards, Joining the Dots draws on the expertise of independent tertiary education experts, national datasets and diverse analytical techniques.

JTD content is available through Informit.

JTD Research Briefings are listed below:

Volume 3

LATEST: Australia's Degree-Qualified Workforce: Contributions of the Australian higher education system and overseas migration

University Experience in Australia and Japan: Using a common survey to understand similarities and differences

Industry-university collaboration in the STEM curriculum: Exploring Work Integrated Learning in practice

Completing university in Australia - A cohort analysis exploring equity group outcomes

Changing deferral patterns: the influence of growth, changing support and geography

Shifting students: regional mobility of undergraduates in Australia

Volume 2

Back to the future: re-exploring SES among university students

A return to growth? Recent trends in higher education student visa numbers

Higher education students in Australia - what the new Census data tell us

Tracking demand - an early audit of Australia's new student demand driven system

Australian higher education in context: an international perspective on our higher education system

Volume 1

International student snapshot - a global picture

Where are the academics of tomorrow? Supply and demand issues for Australian universities

Student retention - current evidence and insights for improvement

Higher education and community benefits: the role of regional provision

Expanding the sector - growth targets and student numbers

The datafication of higher education - evaluating tests that measure student outcomes

The practicalities of growth - exploring attainment targets

Student demand - trends, key markets and the movement towards demand-driven enrolment