Seeking Critical Thinkers? is a secure test designed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to assess the critical thinking skills of applicants for positions at graduate or equivalent level.

Tasks in Seeking Critical Thinkers? are meaningful, accessible and contextually appropriate. Specialised knowledge is not required, however Year 12 literacy is assumed.

Why test critical thinking skills?

Employees with strong critical thinking skills are able to:

  • Formulate ideas and respond creatively to workplace problems
  • Adapt to change within the workplace
  • Cope with the varying demands of the workplace
  • Manage a range of position responsibilities, and
  • Transfer skills from one context to another.

How critical thinking skills are tested

Candidates' critical thinking skills are assessed by measuring their ability to use comprehension, analysis and synthesis, to assimilate and evaluate viewpoints and arguments.

Competent critical thinkers are able to distinguish subtleties of meaning in text, analyse complexities of language and evaluate intricacies of evidence.